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EdFringe Show review

The Venue, an intimate 50 seater gothically styled room, which for that one night, was to become our own personal home away from ‘home’ Undaunted by the small crowd (4 of us to be precise) Dunican set up a Space Invaders-esk seating barometer of funny for us to gauge his comedy stylings. “Good evening i’m Angus Dunican, Robot Wars semi-finalist” Cue 3 alien attackers progressing one row forward. The show progresses with masterful pace and wit, taking us on a journey through the life of this introverted comedian. Nerdy references throughout which punctuate and dance around what at times is a fantastically heartfelt and moving message about our homes and lives.

The only thing stopping my progression to the front row of pixelated seating and the retro death of the green laser in the shape of Mr. Dunican, was my self imposed introvertedness(Not a word?). A fantastic show not to be missed. 

Angus Dunican - The Great Indoors @ Jekyll and Hyde - 7:45 daily until August 24th (Not 21st)


People With Crohn’s Disease Are Posting Bikini Selfies Inspired By The Fearless Model 

Image description: 5 color of photos of people baring skin and showing their colostomy bags. The top two are white women wearing bikinis, the middle two are shirtless men, one of whom is ripped, and the bottom photo is a white woman with a noticeable scar beside her bag.

I wish there were more body, gender, and racial diversity, but it’s great that folks with Crohn’s/folks who have colostomy bags are feeling empowered to wear what they want and not feel like they have to hide part of their body.

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